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The evolving content and production publishing pipeline

Current trends

Publishers around the globe are seeking ways to optimize and reuse their new and existing content while managing resources and costs. The demands for alternative content delivery for text book and scholarly journal publishing professionals is clearly ramping up, yet the means to get from A-to-B are still being tested and refined.

We are preparing to launch new tools for publishing professionals under our newly branded Math Tools.

  • All movemen tools are fully integrated with Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS4, CS5 and CS5.5
  • Streamline importing source content into design and editorial workflows.
  • New export paths to reliably share content with equations for downstream, post-processing applications.

No more re-keying MathType Equations in Adobe InDesign or InCopy!

mt.importer 1.0 imports and converts all MathType Equation Format (MTEF) equations to native mt.editor equations for use with Adobe InDesign or InCopy.

"mt.importer is going to completely blow everyone into publishing bliss!"

Michelle Delany

Reliably sharing content for downstream processing

We are working on a new/unreleased Export application so that publishing professionals using mt.editor can reliably export content to be consumed and transformed by downstream, post-processing applications.

Here is a short list of issues and challenges we intend to address:

  • Traditional raster graphic formats do not scale very well on Digital Tablet devices
  • Integrated workflow systems and repositories generally exchange content in XML based notations—separation of Form and Content.
  • Adobe InDesign CS4 and higher offers IDML to retain formatting which applies to mt.editor native equations as well.
  • If the intent is to simply transform XML content minus formatting—then, MathML is the right choice.

So, do stay tuned and if you have additional questions, please contact us to arrange a meeting Future Workflow Discussion

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