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How to create a License Report Log File

Associated Product: MathTools 1.0

Last change: Dec 08, 2011

The latest build of mt.editor 1.0 for use with Adobe InDesign/InCopy CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 has a new feature that allows customers to easily create a License Report Log File. There are two options—Send and Create.

  • The Send option auto-attaches the file mt.editor-licreport.xml file to a new e-mail addressed to
  • The Send option is limited to Outlook on Windows and Apple Mail on Macintosh. The "mailto" URL command is only supported by a small number of e-mail clients.
  • We developed the Create option for such situations. This option requires the user to manually attach the mt.editor-licreport.log file to an e-mail and addressed to; however, to simplify things, we automatically locate and highlight the file in the Finder on Mac and in Explorer for Windows.

Please note that we are not able to process license requests that we can't clearly associate with an order! So, please clearly state why you're sending a license request and for which order.

Please follow these steps to activate the FREE Reader:

  1. Quit Adobe ID/IC if it is running
  2. Download latest builds
  3. Unzip the downloaded archive and simply drag/copy the movemen plug-in folder to the Adobe ID/IC application>Plug-Ins folder
  4. Re-launch Adobe ID/IC and go under the Math Menu and click on the option Send or Create License Report. Our software will create the file mt.editor-licreport.xml so that you can e-mail it to our movemen licensing team.

Once you receive your license file(s), they get installed Adobe ID/IC application>Plug-Ins folder>movemen>Lic

  • Our FREE Reader version of mt.editor is not activated; however, all the functionality is there. We simply do not display all the user interfaces until the software license is created and installed.
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