MathTools 3.0

MathTools V3 comes with major new and improved functionality and V2 backward compatibility.

Key features added:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Math Styles
  • Math Toolbox
    • Palettes with Icons to enter Expressions and Symbols
    • Custom Palettes
    • Actions to assign Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Popup menu assignable to a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Improved EPUB/HTML + MathML exports; no extensions needed anymore
  • EPUB/HTML + Equation Images export
  • Supports Exports for entire Books
  • Improved Word docx equation import; added support for Equation Builder
  • Improved InCopy support
  • Improved MathZone Textframes
  • Adjust Leading to MathZone

Available for InDesign, InCopy and InDesign Server CC (2014 .. 2021).

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