License issue with older MathTools V2 builds 601-615

Issue: License turns into READER mode

Solution: Download and install latest build 621 - keep your existing license

Affected installations: MathTools V2.1.5. b601 - b615

Release Notes

HOW TO update your installation:

  1. Quit InDesign
  2. Locate current MathTools V2 installation folder movemen in InDesign' Plug-Ins folder
  3. Move entire movemen folder to the desktop
  4. Download build 621 package and extract it into the Plug-Ins folder
  5. Copy current license file mt.MathToolsV2.lic from the saved movemen folder into the lic folder of the new installation

In case of problems, please create and send a fresh license report

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and try to help you to solve this quickly,


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